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Mini-golf in Stockholm: Find the city’s best courses 2022

Do you think mini-golf is more fun than traditional golf? Then you’re not alone. Mini-golf is a classic Swedish summer activity that’s been around for many years. It originally came from the USA and entered Sweden in 1932. So, for almost 100 years, players have met on Stockholm’s mini-golf spots to have a nice time with friends or family (while we’ve been frustrated by annoying obstacles, cursed unnecessary mistakes, and swore over balls that didn’t want to go down the hole as we wanted).

Over the years, interest in miniature golf has gone up and down. But in recent years, there has been a real mini-golf boom, and the Stockholm area now has many top-class mini-golf spots to choose from. Adventure golf, where the courses have different themes, buildings, water systems, and all kinds of decorations, is also popular. And just as traditional golf has golf simulators that make it possible to play golf all year round, there are also several indoor mini-golf facilities.

Find Stockholm’s best mini-golf

In Stockholm, there’s a mini-golf course for everyone. Whether you’re a miniature golf expert with a professional club and 100 balls packed in your bag or a happy amateur who wants to play a nice mini-golf tournament with your family, date, friends, or colleagues on an ordinary Wednesday night, there’s a facility for you.

At many of them, you can also combine playing with a good dinner or Swedish ‘fika’ to make the activity even better. Most of the facilities are located a bit outside Stockholm city, but you can easily get there by public transport or car.

Here is our guide to Stockholm’s best mini-golf. Just put on the happy mood, sharpen the swing, set your putter right, and hope the ball rolls your way. Who gets the most hole-in-ones, who does the best putting, and who wins?

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