Wednesday, May 18

Stockholm’s best sushi: The city’s top sushi restaurants 2022

When the first Japanese restaurant opened in Sweden in 1973, Swedes hardly knew what soya was. And we were even more clueless about sushi. What, raw fish for dinner! That has definitely changed. Today, sushi and the Japanese food culture are common in Swedish everyday food, and you’ll see plenty of sushi places wherever you go in Stockholm. These days, most of us know what wasabi and tamagoyaki are.

The Swedes – and the Stockholmers – have really embraced this traditional Japanese dish made of prepared vinegared rice accompanied by various ingredients, such as seafood and vegetables. And no wonder we love it; it tastes good, looks good, and it’s healthy.

Enjoy Stockholm’s best sushi restaurants

So, how do you find Stockholm’s best sushi restaurants? All areas of Stockholm are filled with sushi spots. Some of them are top-class Michelin star restaurants, and some of them are more friendly neighborhood places. To help you find the right sushi restaurant for you in Stockholm, we’ve selected some of the city’s top choices. Welcome to a Japanese culinary journey!

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