Thursday, May 26

The best hotels in Old Town | View Stockholm 2022

Hôtel Riesen – A hotel with a view

The location on Skeppsbron right by the waterfront, just a stone’s throw from the Royal Palace, makes Hôtel Reisen the perfect place to stay in the Old Town. The house, whose foundation dates from 1617, combines historic elegance with modern comfort. In one of the rooms, there is a wall of handmade bricks from 1690, in another, there is a private sauna. The five-star hotel has 12 different room types, each with its own special charm. Hôtel Reisen is also a destination for those who like hotel bars, as here is one of Stockholm’s best: Bar Reiss. There is a wide range of drinks, wine, and beer as well as a good bar menu if you feel like something to eat. The wonderful atmosphere, the view, and the comfortable bar stools make this the perfect place to rest your legs after a day of sightseeing or meet a friend and plan the rest of your evening. Do not miss their signature cocktail, the Espresso Martini à la Fredrik Reiss.

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