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Three out of ten teams have been given the go-ahead: – A scandal

BEIJING / OSLO (VG) (Competition in progress) The medal favorites Japan, Austria and Germany have all won the discus during the first round of the mixed competition.

DISK: Daniela Iraschko-Stolz, like several others, had trouble with the jumpsuit.

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– This is a scandal, says Discovery commentator Kjetil Strandbråten.

In the middle of the second pool came the news that Japanese Sara Takanashi had been disqualified already after the first jump. The reason should be trouble with the suit.

Halvor Egner Granerud suffered the same fate on Sunday. Then the lack of fluid intake was the reason:

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Thus, Japan was out of the medal match, and Takanashi left the stadium crying.

The same thing happened with Austria and Daniela Iraschko-Stolz in the same round. Just before the round was over, the message came that Germany is also the disk.

– This is not common at all – at least not with so many of the supposed best. What has probably happened considering that there are very many on the women’s side who have been discarded, is probably that there is an inspector who usually controls men’s jumps who now controls everyone, says Johan Remen Evensen to VG.

He elaborates on the statement in this way:

– Ultimately, it is a person who stands and makes his subjective assessments. I suspect that the girls are used to being measured in a slightly different way than what the inspector here judges by, says Evensen, and emphasizes that this is just a view.

The former world record holder fully understands that this seems very strange from the outside.

– It seems sick, but the rules are pretty clear. If you get the disk, there is probably something wrong with the suit. In a way, it’s good that the system works. It’s part of the game. If you are not close to that limit, you also have nothing to do in a competition, Remen Evensen continues.

In the Norwegian camp at the stadium facility, they think the whole thing is a bit weird.

– Three of the major nations have been disqualified. We got it ourselves yesterday, so we know it can happen. But the reason why I do not know. I feel great with these nations, says national team manager Clas Brede Bråten to Discovery.

– It surprises me. Of course, it’s very boring for them. I hope we have control over things, says Silje Opseth to NRK.

All teams are allowed to continue in the competition, but are hopelessly far behind. Norway is number two ahead of the final round.

The case is being updated!

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