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The 15-year-old wrote Olympic history

– There is joy in the performance while she does it. It is the expression, the extension. There is a lift in the air into all her jumps, says Robin Cousins, Olympic champion and BBC commentator.

– The body does not waver at all.

Kamila Valieva did not write history just once, but twice in her free run in the team competition in figure skating. The 15-year-old, born in 2006, started his race with a quadruple salchow and later landed a quadruple toeloop in combination with a triple toeloop.

GOLD IN THE TEAM COMPETITION: Kamila Valijeva was able to celebrate the gold with her teammates Mark Kondratiuk, Anastasia Mishina, Aleksandr Galliamov, Victoria Sinitsina and Nikita Katsalapov. The United States took the silver and Japan had to settle for bronze. Photo: ALEKSANDRA SZMIGIEL / REUTERS

She also tried a third quadruple jump, but then she fell.

Valieva’s free run was rewarded with 178.92 points. ROC had secured the gold even before she was in action in the final free run.

On Sunday, she also crushed the competitors in the short program for women, where quadruple jumps are not allowed.

Top three in total

The Russian team won the short program and freestyle for women as well as the freestyle for couples (Anastasia Mishina and Aleksander Galliamov). With four 2nd places and a 3rd place in other competitions, it was 74 points. The USA took the silver with 65 points and Japan the bronze with 63.

USA took three victories by Nathan Chen (short program men), Madison Hubbell / Zachary Donohue (rhythmic dance) and Madison Chock / Evan Bates (freestyle), Japan one by Yuma Kagiyama (freestyle men), China one by Sui Wenjing / Han Cong ( short program pair).

To the top

Each team can make two substitutions during the team competition, and some responded that the Russians let the same athletes complete the entire competition. Thus, other practitioners missed out on a secure gold.

The figure skating gold ensured that ROC now has two gold, two silver and two bronze so far in the Olympics.

Kamila Valieva during her free run in the team competition.  The 15-year-old made history when she landed a quadruple jump.  Photo: Jeff Roberson / AP Photo

Kamila Valieva during her free run in the team competition. The 15-year-old made history when she landed a quadruple jump. Photo: Jeff Roberson / AP Photo

“Miss Perfect”

15-year-old Valieva has set records almost every time she has competed since she made her senior debut less than six months ago. A quadruple jump is rare in figure skating for women, although Valieva has performed the jump regularly in competitions this season.

Valieva has been nicknamed “Miss Perfect” and is already described by some figure skating experts as the best female figure skater ever.

According to the BBC she was too young to compete in last year’s WC, but in the EC in January this year, the 15-year-old became the first woman to score more than 90 points in the short program. There she took gold and set a world record with 90.45 points.

– I feel this strain a little, this pressure, because this is my first season among adult athletes, says Valieva according to the news agency AP.

– I think I can handle this pressure. Sometimes it even pushes me forward. It helps me, she says.

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