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Reacts to the second-choice choice: – Chooses Ingrid to punish me

Last week, Niklas Baarli (32) was a large farmer. He chose Kjersti Grini (50) and Ingrid Simensen (28) as assistants, and wanted the two to finally have the opportunity to get to know each other better.

Claims Grini wanted revenge

But the situation took a complete turn, and there was a bad mood when Baarli chose his own assistant Grini as first fighter, because he thought she had been disloyal and leaked secret information.

Grini disagreed with this, and the mood did not get any better, when she chose the big farmer’s other assistant, Ingrid Simensen, as second fighter.

TWO MATCH: Kjersti Grini chose Ingrid Simensen as second champion. Photo: TV 2 / Alex Iversen

– There were a lot of others who did not believe it, but I was probably pretty sure that it would happen, Simensen tells Good evening Norway.

Baarli and Simensen became very good friends on the farm, and he claims that the former handball player appointed her as the second champion, to take revenge on the host.

– I do not know exactly why, but I was completely convinced that it would not happen. I thought: “Kjersti is very strong. I guess she wants to take a fair fight ». But what Kjersti does is choose Ingrid to punish me, he says to Good evening Norway.

– As if in any way it affects me, other than that I lose a friend in there. What Kjersti does is punish me wrong, because it only went beyond Ingrid, he continues.

To Baarli’s great despair, Simensen lost the duel, and had to leave the farm.

Disagree with the statements

The 50-year-old, for her part, completely disagrees with Baarli’s claim that she chose Simensen to punish him.

– I chose the one I thought I could beat. I also considered choosing Øyunn, because she worked hard not to be elected. And it also became a reason in my head, says Grini.

LOST: INgrid Simensen lost to Kjersti Grini in a duel, and had to leave the farm.  Photo: TV 2 / Alex Iversen

LOST: INgrid Simensen lost to Kjersti Grini in a duel, and had to leave the farm. Photo: TV 2 / Alex Iversen

– We all agreed that we had a great time in there, and no one wanted to go home. But I clearly chose based on who I thought I could beat, and the one I preferred to go home, she continues.

Because both of the big farmer’s helpers were going into a duel, Baarli had to go to the market alone. Grini admits that she saw this as a bonus.

– I think it was a bonus that he did not get anything on the market. Being able to go to the market is one of the nice things about being a helper, says Grini.

– I completely turned out

Baarli does not think this was as cool.

– Going alone to the market was not much fun. What is fun about the market is to go more and experience it together. It was a much calmer trip that week than when we were three, he says.

The host made the best of the situation, and tried to entertain the others on the market, with his own version of Justin Bieber’s song “Baby”.

Se video over.

– I completely turned out to sing Justin Bieber. I tried to raise money for the community so we could get more money for food. For those who know me, they know it cost me everything. Everything I had of dignity I put on the fire so that the community would get one extra leek, says Baarli.

He even managed to resist the temptation to spend money on a cake buffet.

– I chose not to spend the community’s money on it. Although I know that Øyunn and Adam ate one and a half bowl each for community money. Why is no one reacting to it? When people react that I’m a little tough in the mouth. I think that’s weird, he says jokingly.

Niklas Baarli has been driving himself on social media after the last few weeks on Farmen kjendis.

See why in the video below.

Responds to the criticism: – I’m a little sorry

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