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Jansrud felt knee problems and dropped downhill: – A tough situation

YANQING / OSLO (VG) Kjetil Jansrud (36) was on the starting lists, but never came rushing down the hill. The Norwegian again had problems with his knee.

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Jansrud did not want to take a risk in the downhill and therefore stood off the run.

– It is not an easy decision. It was a long way off, but there is a difference between being a gambler and being stupid, says Kjetil Jansrud to VG.

Jansrud injured his knee badly in December and most did not think he would make it to the Olympics. The plan was to operate on the cruciate ligament, but then, suddenly, came the counter message from the world champion. Jansrud himself thought that it was not a risk to go to the Olympics, and despite the pain, has ambitions to start in the super-G tomorrow.

– It is a risky sport and I know how much it takes to fight for a medal. It felt like I had to choose between today and tomorrow. It could have been more pain and had to stand over tomorrow. It is a difficult situation to be in, says Jansrud.

Alpinisten’s sports director Claus Ryste supports the decision of the experienced alpinist.

– It was an overall assessment from him. He did not want to make it worse, I think it was wise, Ryste says to VG.

Aleksander Aamodt Kilde, who finished in 5th place in the downhill, noticed that Jansrud was in pain before the race.

– I realized that he was in pain today early. It is completely “fair” that he stands over today. Then he will recover until tomorrow, where I think he has greater chances. It can be fun, he says to VG.

Jansrud has been given a splint to stabilize the knee. He will ride with this in the Olympics – in the same way as he had a splint on his hand when he took World Cup gold in Åre three years ago.

Adrian Smiseth Sejersted (27) injured himself during the descent.

– Hope there is no smoke there, the Norwegian said to the camera in the target area.

The 27-year-old has struggled with knee injuries and has osteoarthritis, and has previously been recommended by the doctor to stop. After the race, Sejersted was taken to the doctor and the night’s super-G race is now in danger for the alpinist.

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