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The howling choir prioritizes learning – thankfully!

“The howling choir must not be allowed to cancel exams”, associate professor Karoline Torkildsen shouts in Aftenposten on 1 February. The howling choir is the Student Organization which “is always against exams” and the Directorate of Education, which after all has only considered the academic basis for its recommendation.

Torkildsen is inaccurate when she says that an examination “shall measure what society has decided shall be competence in each subject, as a position assessment will”. The exam is of course based on the competence goals in the subject, but the student is still only shown fragments of what he or she can do.

The competence is therefore best made visible through the learning process along the way and point of view. To equate these forms of assessment is therefore hopeless.

When Torkildsen says that “There is not much that is missing in the third grade education after March 12 every year”, the irony is striking. One idea might be to work until the end of school.

The exam is not about a few days of completion, but about finishing the training early to prepare the students for testing. This year, students should rather focus on learning with low shoulders.

Dag Johannes Sunde

Special adviser, City Council Department for upbringing and knowledge, Oslo Municipality

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