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Endometriosis causes pain and suffering. When will Norwegian women’s health be taken seriously?

  • Hilde A. Skåra Gunvaldsen (20)

    Central board member of KrFU

Women’s health has waited long enough, says central board member of KrFU, Hilde A. Skåra Gunvaldsen.

The government lacks the political will to take women’s health seriously.

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One in ten women is affected endometriosis. The disease causes tissue to grow outside the uterus, and an inflammation occurs that often causes pain. In many cases, the disease causes women to struggle to have children.

Frankrikes president Emmanuel Macron launched this week a national plan to combat the disease. Right now I wish that Norwegian women could also feel that their health was taken seriously. France shows that it is only a matter of political will.

“Man up”

Over two hundred thousand Norwegian women have endometriosis. Pain and discomfort are the everyday life of very many of them. For a long time we have been dismissed as “women’s ailments”. Take some painkillers and get up, sort of.

For a long time, medical research has only been on the premises of the male body, as if men and women have the same prerequisites and health challenges.

In recent years, we have seen several medical breakthroughs, but few breakthroughs related to knowledge about women’s health.

A societal problem

President Macron blinks when he says this is not a women’s problem: it is a societal problem. And that is one of our biggest gender equality problems. That illness and pain are met with shrugs is no longer something we tacitly accept.

Norwegian women also deserve to have their health taken seriously. Little knowledge about endometriosis makes it harder to get help. Women will still go through tests, trials and tribulations without getting the treatment they need.

The current government will not look at endometriosis until next year. It is paradoxical for a feminist government to postpone a women’s problem.

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