Sunday, May 29

Electricity prices became a hot topic when party leaders debated on TV4 – Nyheter (Ekot)

Listen: Applaud TV 4 debate on energy and climate

  • The high electricity prices became a hot topic in the party leader debate on TV4 on Monday, where it was noticed that it was election year.

  • KD’s party leader Ebba Bush painted a gloomy picture of how families in Sweden have been affected: “Parents are forced to tell their children: Sorry, there will be no camping this summer. We can not afford a new bike. We will not be able to afford to visit grandma and grandpa due to skyrocketing fuel prices and prices for heating the house ”.

  • The Green Party’s spokeswoman Märta Stenevi believes that the right-wing parties are being deceived: “They are putting their voters behind the light. With the new nuclear power that you want, the low prices we have had would be stabilized at a much higher level ”.

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