Wednesday, May 18

Biden will close the gas pipeline if Russia invades Ukraine

– There will no longer be a Nord Stream 2 if Russian tanks and soldiers enter Ukraine, says Joe Biden and threatens to close the gas pipeline.

On Monday, Joe Biden (right) received German Prime Minister Olaf Scholz in the White House, where they discussed the Ukraine crisis, among other things.

The controversial gas pipeline connects Russia to the European gas market, but Biden will remove that access if Russian forces invade neighboring Ukraine.

The statement from the US president comes after he met German Prime Minister Olaf Scholz on Monday. The latter was as clear as the host in Washington.

– We have prepared a number of sanctions. It is important that we do this together. We will cooperate, said the German guest.

– Full confidence

The question of Nord Stream 2, which reaches land off the German coast, appeared several times at the two heads of state’s joint press conference. Germany has been one of the champions of the completion of Nord Stream 2, despite the ailing relationship between Russia and Europe.

Several have perceived the German Prime Minister as unclear on the issue of sanctions against Russia. Scholz has been criticized for not wanting to say outright that the gas pipeline – which has been completed but not yet in use – could be stopped if Russia escalates aggression against Ukraine. Scholz left it to Biden to answer questions about Nord Stream 2.

– Germany does not have to prove anything to us. We have full confidence in the Prime Minister, Biden said.

Meetings in Moscow and Kiev

In addition to the Ukraine crisis, “challenges from China” were a topic at the meeting in Washington, which was held at the same time as French President Emmanuel Macron met his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin in Moscow.

Before the meeting Biden and Scholz met, Germany announced that they were sending another 350 soldiers to the NATO country Lithuania. Britain sends just as many new troops to Poland.

Next week, Scholz will travel to Moscow and Kiev to meet with President Vladimir Putin and Volodymyr Zelensky.

Before that, Scholz will meet Macron and Polish President Andrzej Duda in Berlin on Tuesday night.

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