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Used director car: – No, you must not decide to buy this

The Broom guys have bought and sold many different cars over the years. Sometimes there has been an upswing – other times one problem has replaced the other.

In a series of articles, we share some of these stories. This time Vegard tells about when he bought a proper director’s car – against the advice of the others in the editorial staff:

When I started in Broom, almost 11 years ago (May 2011, editor’s note), I had a relatively sensible 2008 model BMW 520d Touring as a utility vehicle.

But shortly after hiring, the need arose to buy something more exciting.

When I saw a 2005 model Audi A8 on the used market, with a V8 diesel engine, I got really upset. It immediately gave me the “must have” feeling.

The car was parked at a brand dealer – and cost more than I had intended to use. In addition, I received a clear message from my new colleagues in Broom:

– Do not even think about it.

– Difficult to sell

Editor Knut Skogstad and car expert Benny Christensen obviously had good intentions. They wanted to pour some cold water into the blood of an overzealous westerner.

– This is not the car you are going to buy, Vegard. Large sedans are difficult to sell on the used market. Who really should have such a car? Most people want a station wagon or SUV.

– Besides, there is a lot that can go wrong on cars with so much advanced technology and equipment. And the loss of value is often brutal on such director cars.

The admonitions were unmistakable. And when people say that, I’m listening.

About halfway, at least. Because afterwards I went to test drive, anyway!

Here is the Audi A8 used car that became a nightmare

We talk about both the new and used Audi A8 in the latest episode of BroomPodden:


Of course, I should never have done that. For this was really an absolutely beautiful car to drive. A very powerful diesel engine with a load of torque, made even a heavy and huge sedan fast. In addition, there was air suspension, and an insane comfort. I guess it still performs very well, even compared to many modern cars.

The luxury equipment the car could offer was overwhelming: servo closing of the doors, massage, heating and cooling in the comfort seats, fingerprint-based start button (!) And adaptive cruise control and electric curtain in the rear window to name a few.

In addition, there was Webasto and heat in the steering wheel. Combined with quattro four-wheel drive, it will of course be a dream car in the winter.

Large sedan was and is not the most sought after you can find in the used market.


I was strictly sold the moment I got behind the wheel. I just had to have this car in my life. Thus, it was only to sign the contract.

The agreement also included some 20 “rims that I thought dressed the car really well.

PS: Observant readers will have realized that it was this car we used in a video series where we gave tips on tire changes.

In January 2012, I became the owner of my first and so far only director car. That it had a diesel engine was just the way it should be, back then. Electric cars and rechargeable hybrids were admittedly waiting behind the scenes, but were still not something most people related to.

Now this looks pretty outdated.  But in its time, this dashboard was reasonably innovative and with a sky-high luxury factor.

Now this looks pretty outdated. But in its time, this dashboard was reasonably innovative and with a sky-high luxury factor.

Dream car

The A8 was truly a dream car. Far more extravagant than anything else I had owned. The wife thought it was an “old man’s car”, something she was right about in a way. But she quickly appreciated the comfort and space, she too.

Consumption was impressively low for a “sled” like this. This is where the diesel engine really came into its own.

But this was at the time when I changed cars very often. Three to five months was the “template”.

The A8 was no different. After about four and a half months, it was on

When was I excited. How much would I lose?

The surprise

The car was “Norwegian” – and had had all services at the brand dealer. The mileage was not deterrent high. Just under 100,000 when I bought it – and just over 100,000 kilometers when it was to be sold.

When I checked the market, I saw that the prices of comparable cars were higher than expected. So the price quote in the ad was a lot higher than what I had paid.

But the inquiries hailed! I was almost a little shocked.

Soon after publication, I met a nice guy who was in no doubt. This car he should have. We agreed on a price – and hey, my little executive car adventure had a happy ending.

The Audi A8 had an aluminum frame - which protects well against rust.

The Audi A8 had an aluminum frame – which protects well against rust.

– Should not work

Knut and Benny were simply impressed when I told them how it had gone.

– It should not be possible to sell a used car you have bought from a brand dealer at a higher price than you gave for it, Knut said.

But it worked – and it was a not so little proud and happy new employee who went home from the office that day.

Just a few days later, a new car was parked in the yard. What it was, and why they were actually a very scary purchase, will be a different story …

PS: A quick search of the registration number shows that the car is still rolling. It has now traveled around 250,000 kilometers.

Video: Test of Audi RS 6: – Like dancing Tango with a nice lady …

This is what Norwegian owners think about the Audi A8

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