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Therefore, the wife is happy with Minis Torpet celebrity stay

When Jahn Ivar “Mini” Jakobsen (56) first ran out of Farmen celebrity, he was very disappointed with the outcome. Nevertheless, he has managed to keep the motivation to return to the farm from Torpet celebrity.

The weeks have been characterized by hard work, little food and lots of new impressions. It is not to be underestimated that living in an everyday life in 1922 can do something to one.

Several participants TV 2 has spoken to say that they experienced a change at Mini during the time they spent together.

THE COCK IN THE HERD: When Jahn Ivar “Mini” Jakobsen joined Torpet celebrity, he became the rooster in the chicken flock. Photo: Alex Iversen / TV 2

– My great fear

With full knowledge that porridge and a monotonous diet awaited him, Mini nevertheless agreed to go back 100 years in time. During his stay, both on the farm and at Torpet celebrity, he experienced a culinary journey at the age of 56.

– I did not eat porridge before I went to the Farm, but I just had to get it in me. There were a number of things in there you had to taste, he tells TV 2.

In the monotonous diet on the farm, he also met his nemesis in the food chain.

– I have never eaten or liked onions. It has been my great fear in life. If I have ordered food and there has been onion on, then I do not eat it.

TV 2 The farm celebrity will be broadcast in 2022 Photo: Espen Solli

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At Torpet celebrity, however, he had to take action. The fact that celebrity chef Ole Martin Alfsen (52) came in was a rescue for Mini.

– He taught me to like caramelized onions. I also ate pickled red onions. I liked it very much – and crispy fried onions. So now I’m up to three or four onion varieties. I probably changed a little in the way I eat, he says, and shoots in:

– I also learned to eat caramel pudding for the first time. I have always eaten caramel, but I have stood over the pudding itself.

GOOD HELP: Jahn Ivar

GOOD HELP: Jahn Ivar “Mini” Jakobsen got good help from Ole Martin Alfsen to find out his eating habits. Photo: Alex Iversen / TV 2

Did not have faith

Until Mini went to the Farm celebrity, he had stayed away from food he did not like. He had no faith that he would change preferences in the way he ate.

– I’m glad I was not so squeamish, and tasted it. We had bread in there, and managed to make some butter. But we did not have toppings, so onions as toppings on the slice of bread were almost heavenly, he says and laughs.

WORKING: From the moment Jahn Ivar

WORKING: From the moment Jahn Ivar “Mini” Jakobsen joined Torpet celebrity, he has been working on. Photo: Alex Iversen / TV 2

After the recording was finished last year, he has managed and kept his mind open in the digestive tract. Why he has been something strange before, he is unsure.

– I’ve been like that most of the time. I claim I’m simple – you and others say I’m weird. If I’m on a Burger King, I’ve learned to say, in both Spanish and English: Without cucumber, onion and tomato. I do not eat tomatoes either. I learned that early on, because I am often in Spain, the 56-year-old chuckles.

Easier for the wife

The family, and especially his wife Anita, are very happy that it is now a little easier to cook with the Rosenborg legend.

– It also helps when we visit people. Not long ago, I tasted blue cheese on pizza. Before the Farm it had made me stare, but when I sat there, I thought: Yes, I can taste it. And it was very good, he says, but notes one thing:

– You do not make me eat raw onions.

It is not only in the food chain that several of the participants noticed a change in the Mini. Both influencer Martine Lunde (25) and comedian and writer Shabana Rehman (45) have previously told TV 2 that they saw a change in the person Mini.

CURIOUS: Jahn Ivar

CURIOUS: Jahn Ivar “Mini” Jakobsen was curious about those he met at Torpet celebrity. Therefore, there were often question sessions. Photo: Alex Iversen / TV 2

– When he was inside the Farm, he was an angry thug and a bad loser. During this week I have seen a man in transformation. A good grandfather suddenly popped out. Suddenly Mini became the one in the group that created a good atmosphere, Rehman said, shortly after she had to leave Torpet celebrity.

See what Shabana Rehman thought about Marna Haugen and Jahn Ivar “Mini” Jakobsen, in the video at the top of the case.

Closes his eyes: – It looks very special

Curious northerner

He does not recognize himself in that.

– That I have changed, I have no faith in. They had never met me before. All the media coverage that has been lately is based on the fact that I have asked people – and that has led to reactions. It started with Adam. When I met Martine, I asked about being an influencer. When Tomine came in I did not know who it was, so I asked. I’m curious.

DOES NOT AGREE: That Jahn Ivar

DOES NOT AGREE: That Jahn Ivar “Mini” Jakobsen has changed during the Torpet celebrity stay, he does not agree. Photo: Alex Iversen / TV 2

– I think Ole Martin was a little embarrassed when I asked. But questions have never been dangerous. If you are with me for a long time, I am just kind, calm and little northerner, who definitely does not want anyone hurt. I want everyone to be well, he explains.

Still, he can understand that from the outside it can seem something intense, and that his curiosity is fueled.

GOT TO KNOW: In the beginning there were two opposites in Marna Haugen and Jahn Ivar «Mini» Jakobsen.  Then they got to know each other.  Photo: Alex Iversen / TV 2

GOT TO KNOW: In the beginning there were two opposites in Marna Haugen and Jahn Ivar «Mini» Jakobsen. Then they got to know each other. Photo: Alex Iversen / TV 2

– In that sense, they probably think I have changed. I can be very straightforward, sending “messages” and such. When I met Marna we were two opposites in the beginning. We both had opinions, but we got to know each other.

– I have not changed, but their perception of me has probably changed.

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