Wednesday, May 18

The wind creates problems again – the Olympic downhill is exposed

YANQING / OSLO (VG) Due to strong winds at the top of the trail in Yanqing, the Olympic downhill is postponed.

GOLD FAVORITE: Aleksander Aamodt Kilde must wait for the opportunity to drive for his first championship gold. Here after Friday’s training.

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Initially, the race was to start at 04:00 Norwegian time, but about an hour before the message came that the competition had been postponed.

Then the hope was that you could start at. 05:00, but neither did it turn out to be possible. The start is instead rescheduled to kl. 06:00.

The wind has created problems during the training as well, and Friday’s last training was canceled after only three athletes.

One of the three was gold favorite Aleksander Aamodt Kilde, who ran in the time 1.42,11 – the best that has been put on the ground.

The 29-year-old was also the best at Thursday’s training, as well as the second fastest of those who drove within all the gates at Wednesday’s first training.

Kjetil Jansrud and Adrian Smiseth Sejersted are the other two Norwegians at the start.

Kilde is considered one of the biggest favorites in both downhill and super-G, and even has faith in a medal.

– I always have a goal of winning races, and it will be a bit the same in the Olympics, I feel. One must dare to go there with an understanding that things can go very well, but at the same time a thought that this sport is quite brutal and there are small margins. As the season has gone so far, there are pure mistakes that need to be made so that it does not go my way, the Lommedalen driver told VG before leaving for China.

Six wins, one 2nd place, two 6th places, 7th place and 9th place are the results so far this season.

But the speed phantom has a lot to revenge. The Pyeongchang Olympics in 2018 were anything but a success for Kilde. The speed cannon had replaced Atomic with Head and had big goals before the championship. Unfortunately, it ended with the following results: The combination: 21st place. Down 15th place. Super-G: 13th place. Grand Slalom: Drove out.

– I came into that Olympics and had as much faith as I have now. But it was a bit naive in a way. Changing the ski brand takes time. You can drive fast in training and all that, but then it comes to a point where I feel that I need some time for this to work. Then of course you can ask questions about why I changed ski brand just before an Olympic season … but eaten is eaten, as they say, he said while laughing a little at it.

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