Wednesday, May 18

The bus driver is said to have been spat at and subjected to racist statements

The police reported the incident just before 12 o’clock on Sunday.

– A bus driver contacted us, he said he had first been spit on and then subjected to hate speech. He explained that he was exposed to racist statements, says operations manager John-Kåre Olsen in Finnmark police district to TV 2.

When the police arrived at the bus driver, he further explained about the incident, and what kind of statements he had received.

– He found it very uncomfortable, says Olsen,

After some work, the police also located the alleged perpetrator.

– He has a different explanation than the bus driver and does not admit criminal guilt. We perceive the bus driver’s explanation as credible, and the case will be investigated as a hate crime, says the operations manager.

He says that the police rarely bring in cases related to hate crime. When they first do, the cases are therefore prioritized.

– We try to investigate it in a way that ensures that we get good explanations and get the parties questioned. It is important that we conduct a good investigation of such cases, to prevent it from happening again, Olsen concludes.

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