Sunday, May 29

Røthe broke the 30-kilometer: – Very disappointed

ZHANGJIAKOU / OSLO (VG) Sjur Røthe (33) broke Sunday’s 30-kilometer with a change of skis already after just over ten kilometers. “It should not be something serious”, VG is informed.

BREAK: Sjur Røthe broke Sunday’s 30-kilometer.

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– I am very disappointed for myself. I knew it was going to be a tough ski race today. I have prepared for most things, but that I should be in mixed before it was finished is not something I have prepared for, Røthe says to VG.

Already early in the classic part under 30 kilometers joint start with ski change, Sjur Røthe had to drop out, and after just over ten kilometers, Røthe chose to break.

– It is a complete collapse for Sjur Røthe. Something must have happened, commented former national team runner Martin Johnsrud Sundby on Discovery +.

VG is informed by Norway’s press attaché, Gro Eide, at the stadium in Zhangjiakou that Røthe was followed by national team doctor Øyvind Andersen after breaking the race, but that «there should be nothing serious».

– I have not made it work in classic until now. So it’s probably as simple as that, says Vossingen.

The Norwegian became world champion at the exercise in 2019.

– We knew before the championship that there would be enormous distances. It’s brutal. I was prepared for that, and I hoped the tough trails would suit me, says the Norwegian.

Before the championship, national team runners Heidi Weng, Anne Kjersti Kalvå and Simen Hegstad Krüger tested positive for corona, and the rest of the Norwegian squad lived in the uncertainty of whether they were also infected for several days. It has taken on.

– There has been a lot of energy leakage, but it is natural, and that is not all it is possible to prepare for. I do not have a very good answer as to why things are not going so well today, he says

It was not just Røthe who did not make it to the 30-kilometer race. The best of the Norwegians was Hans Christer Holund in fourth place, 22 seconds ahead of compatriot Pål Golberg who finished in fifth place.

Gold favorite Johannes Høsflot Klæbo finished in a very disappointing 40th place, nine minutes behind Russian Alexander Bolshunov who won the gold.

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