Wednesday, May 18

K-pop is ravaging – but when will C-pop take over the world?

Chinese artists are giant stars at home, but rarely or never become big internationally.

Taiwanese Jolin Tsai is referred to as «Queen of C-pop». Here from a concert in his home country in April.

In September 2018, Hua Chenyu (31) enters the stage at the Beijing National Stadium, better known as the “bird’s nest” after the Olympic event there in 2008. Two nights in a row, the artist gathers 90,000 ecstatic fans for the biggest concerts in China at the time. The following year he sold seven million copies of the single “I really want to love this world”.

Never heard of Hua Chenyu before? You’re hardly alone. Chinese popular music – so-called C-pop – has never managed to take over the world. Why not? For the “neighboring country” South Korea, things are going so well.

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