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Here Bolshunov sends the jury on alert – escape punishment for putting the staff in Klæbo’s booth

– It was seen immediately. The jury closely monitored whether it disturbed Klæbo when changing skis or not, says the race director of the International Ski Federation (FIS), Pierre Mignerey, to NRK.

Observant TV viewers noticed what happened when Aleksandr Bolshunov had to change equipment midway through Sunday’s 30 km joint start with ski change.

He threw down his staffs as he entered his booth. One was lying on the edge of the stall next to it, more specifically Johannes Høsflot Klæbo’s stall.

After a few seconds, Bolshunov pushed it down on Klæbo’s area.

See the situation in the video window at the top of the case!


IN THE WRONG PLACE: This picture shows that Aleksandr Bolshunov’s pole has ended up on Johannes Høsflot Klæbo’s ski in the wrong stall.


– Does not disturb anyone

The international competition regulations state that “the equipment that has been replaced must remain in the box until after the competition has ended”, implied; in one’s own box.

Mignerey therefore confirms that what happened was a potential violation. Then the next question for the jury was whether it created trouble for Klæbo.

– It obviously did not. Johannes saw it and moved Bolshunov’s staff with his own staff, so they decided that there was nothing that required a reaction from the jury, says the race director.


NOT OBSTACLED: Johannes Høsflot Klæbo received help from an official to remove Bolshunov’s staff. The jury believes he was not hindered.

Photo: Fredrik Varfjell / NTB

He also confirms that if Klæbo had ended up with the wrong pole or been disturbed in any other way in his ski change, Bolshunov could have been punished.

– But it does not disturb anyone, and then there is no reason to make it something big. It is quite common for skis to slip out of the boxes and for the poles to end up outside. If it affects the race, it is definitely a different matter, says Pierre Mignerey.

– Not where it slipped

This is not the first time that incidents involving Klæbo, Bolshunov and spells involve a cross-country jury. In the World Cup last year, Klæbo was discarded from gold at five miles after Bolshunov broke his pole in a clash between them.

At the Olympic three-mile, Klæbo was over nine minutes behind gold winner Bolshunov. The Norwegian team does not use energy on the episode.

– That’s what happens in the heat of battle. That was not where it went, national team coach Eirik Myhr Nossum states to NRK.

Pierre Mignerey

FOLLOWED: Race Director Pierre Mignerey.

Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB

NRK’s ​​expert commentator Torgeir Bjørn has discussed the episode with several international TDs.

– If he had done this on purpose and it had had a negative effect on Klæbo, it would have been correct with a written warning. This was obviously not intentional, and then there is either a verbal warning or no reaction, says Bjørn.

A written warning would mean that Bolshunov could be discarded in the next race by a possible new written warning. Now he does not have to fear it.

– Not intentionally

According to Dagbladet Russian commentator Anton Shebika in the Championship suggests that the action was deliberate by Bolshunov, and part of the psychological game.

Bolshunov himself rejects this.

– It was an accident, it was not something on purpose. I just did it and went on, says the supreme gold winner to Dagbladet.

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