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Fate day for the curling couple: – Want a harder butt slap

BEIJING (VG) Kristin Skaslien (36) asks that the curling husband slaps her harder on the ass during the couple’s fateful matches against Sweden and Great Britain here in Beijing on Sunday.

CURLING COUPLE: Kristin Skaslien and Magnus Nedregotten have quarreled loudly several times during the Olympics, but are aware that clear communication is crucial.

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– Did not you know? Then I have to slap harder.

– Yes you must!

Magnus Nedregotten (31) gave partner Kristin a well-marked, yet friendly, slap in the back in the sixth round against China on Saturday night in the landmark «Ice Cube», the 2008 Olympics «Water Cube» (National Aquatic Center).

– It was a sign that I am proud of my wife. It was a good game, Magnus Nedregotten explains when asked by VG about the reason for the well-directed declaration of love.

Norway’s mixed double pair in curling won the sixth round 5-0 after cash and precise play by Kristin Skaslien. China came back and won the next 3-0, but gave up immediately in the eighth and final – so that the Olympic bronze winner from 2018 with the result 9-6 took his third victory.

However, the curling couple must win their last three matches in the opening group game to reach the semifinals. Arch-rival Sweden and reigning world champion Great Britain await on Sunday, Switzerland on Monday.

– It is very difficult against the teams that are left. We have one win and one loss against Sweden the last two games, one win and one loss against Great Britain – and three wins against Switzerland. The chance is below 50 percent. It’s about “showing up”. First against Sweden, says Magnus Nedregotten.

– You must be lucky?

– Yes, he answers.

– No, no luck. But we must have flow. You have to have that to get to a playoff in the Olympics, she interrupts during the interview in the press zone under the ice surface in the curling cube.

Confronted with the fact that they can be perceived as skeptical, Kristin Skaslien denies that she is. If they play as they have done in recent matches, and rise another notch, it is possible to beat them – Sweden, Great Britain and Switzerland.

– It will be tough, she still admits.

– It will be battle for battle. Only next match. We can not start thinking further ahead, she adds.

Magnus Nedregotten believes that he must hit the right level of tension into the next match, and the next. They must communicate even more clearly than they have occasionally done so far, as when Kristin Skaslien exclaimed “no, no, no” when she at the beginning of the sixth round against China perceived it so that her husband did not put the right pressure on the cost.

– And then we have to back each other up a little better after a miss, so that we create security from the start, he says.

– There will be two slaps on the butt on Sunday?

– We are betting on that, the curling couple answers synchronously.

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