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The coronary vaccine is now mandatory in Austria

From Saturday, the coronary vaccine was mandatory for the adult population in Austria. Those who do not comply within the next few weeks risk hefty fines.

A man is being vaccinated against coronary heart disease in Vienna on Friday, where around 10 percent of the vaccines that are now being given are the first dose.

Austria is the first country in Europe to introduce vaccination requirements for everyone over the age of 18. The exceptions are pregnant women and those who cannot be coronary vaccinated for medical reasons, as well as people who have had covid-19 during the last six months.

About 70 percent are fully vaccinated in Austria, fewer than in countries such as France and Spain.

The National Assembly adopted the law January 20th. Although the order has now come into force, enforcement will not start until mid-March – through random checks. Then unvaccinated people can be fined between 6,000 and 36,000 kroner – but the fine will be canceled if the person fined can be vaccinated within two weeks.

Unvaccinated banned

In Austria, the government originally planned to arrange a so-called vaccine lottery, where unvaccinated people could “win” gift certificates of up to 5,000 kroner if they took the vaccine. Those plans are now postponed. Here are people in the vaccine queue in Vienna on Friday.

More than 60 percent support the vaccine requirement in Austria, according to a recent survey. At the same time, large parts of the population are still strongly opposed to the use of coercion in the country where unvaccinated people have previously been denied access to, among other things, restaurants and cultural arenas.

– No other country in Europe follows us when it comes to mandatory vaccines, says Manuel Krautgartner, who is among those who have fought against the order.

Two and a half months have passed since the government announced vaccine orders in the face of a strong wave of infections with the delta variant. Since then, tens of thousands of people have demonstrated against what they believe is a radical and draconian measure.

Will fight varieties

Week after week after the authorities first announced the vaccine order, tens of thousands of people in Austria demonstrated against the strict measure. Here from Vienna on January 8.

Critics have also questioned the need to use coercion now that the omikron virus variant dominates.

– I really do not see any further value of the vaccine order now, says epidemiologist Gerald Gartlehner to the news agency AP.

Omicron is highly contagious, but produces milder symptoms, he points out, pointing out that large sections of the population have antibodies, either through vaccination or infection.

Minister of Health Wolfgang Mückstein emphasizes that compulsory vaccination aims to both protect the country against new waves of infection and fight new virus variants.

About 70 percent are fully vaccinated in Austria, fewer than in countries such as France and Spain. The vaccination rate has not risen sharply since the government first announced the order.

I av you

In the last week, however, there has been a small increase in attendance at the vaccination stations in Vienna, according to the Arbeiter Samaritaner Bund.

– We registered a small increase of around 9 percent compared to the week before, says the organization’s leader Michael Hausmann.

According to him, only one in ten vaccines given daily in the capital is the first dose.

Recently, the so-called shutdown for the unvaccinated ended. Thus, they are allowed to leave their homes without a specified reason, but they are banned from a number of public places where access is only possible with a corona passport.

Austria currently has an infection pressure that has only been cut over Norway, with around 5,200 infected per. 100,000 inhabitants in the last two weeks.

Turkmenistan and Indonesia

Several countries in Europe have introduced vaccine injunctions for specific occupational groups, but only neighboring Germany is seriously discussing such an injunction for all adults. Italy and Greece have mandated the corona vaccine for elderly residents.

Ecuador is the first country in the world to announce vaccine orders for all residents over the age of five. The authoritarian Central Asian states of Tajikistan and Turkmenistan have previously mandated the coronary vaccine. Indonesia has the same, although less than half of the population has been vaccinated.

About 70 percent are fully vaccinated in Austria, fewer than in countries such as France and Spain.

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