Wednesday, May 18

Right now: Swedish medal chance in the ladies’ skiathlon – News (Ekot)

08.45–09.45 Cross country skis, ladies skiathlon

Swedish participants: Frida Karlsson, Ebba Andersson, Emma Ribom, Moa Olsson, Charlotte Kalla
VM 2021: 1) Therese Johaug, 2) Frida Karlsson, 3) Ebba Andersson
OS 2018: 1) Charlotte Kalla, 4) Ebba Andersson

09.40–11.55 Ice hockey, ladies group games Sweden-Czech Republic

The women’s crowns lost the premiere match against Japan 3-1.
The Czech Republic beat China by the same numbers
Five teams make up for three quarter-final places. This is a key match for Damkronorna.

10.00–11.00 Biathlon, mixed relay

Swedish team: Hanna Öberg, Elvira Öberg, Martin Ponsiluoma, Sebastian Samuelsson
VM 2021: 1) Norway, 2) Austria, 3) Sweden

11.00–11.30 Humpback piste, men’s knockout round

Swedish participants: Felix Elofsson, Oskar Elofsson
Ten final places remain to be fought for

11.45–13.20 Ski jumping, ladies in normal hill final,

Swedish participants: Frida Westman

12: 10–13: 30 Rodel, men heat 1

Swedish participants: Svante Kohala

12.30–14.10 Puckelpist, men final

Swedish participants: Ludvig Fjällström, Walter Wallberg, Ev Felix Elofsson and Oskar Elofsson
Walter Wallberg came second in the qualifiers and was on the podium in three of the last four World Cup competitions before the Olympics.

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