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Range Rover Sport Supercharged V8 Autobiography: Here the prices have plummeted: Now you get the SUV beast for almost 1/3 of the new price

When Range Rover launched the second generation of the luxury SUV Range Rover Sport in 2014, they aimed high. They wanted this to be the most luxurious model in the segment.

Many car journalists also thought that they had succeeded in just that.

In Norway, there is naturally a large majority of cars with diesel engines. At the time, these were the most favorable, in terms of taxes and consumption.

But some could afford the top model – which had a 5-liter V8 engine with a compressor. The price? Just under two million kroner for the best-equipped Autobiography edition.

A few years later, you get it at a far more affordable price on the used market.

Next 1/3 of new price

We have found a 2015 model with the V8 engine of 510 horsepower on the used market, with a price estimate of 749,000 kroner.

In Norway, a Range Rover Sport Supercharged V8 Autobiography (yep, that’s its name!) Cost well over 2 million kroner with a little extra equipment.

The “our” car has most things. Here we can mention, among other things, panoramic sunroof, servo closing of the doors, heating in the steering wheel, cooling box in the center armrest, alcantara in the roof, adaptive cruise control, dynamic chassis, electrically swivel towing hitch and webasto.

In other words, we can say that this was abundantly “packed” by the first buyer back in 2015.

Here is the car we have found in the used market. Facsimile:

Expensive ownership

It has had to drive a lot, too – more precisely 133,000 kilometers. You manage to burn a few kroner on fuel during those trips. But compared to the loss of value on the car itself, it will still be just a trifle, of course.

Consumption was stated at 1.28 l / mil – based on the old NEDC measurement method, which we know is far too “kind”. You can probably safely count on one and a half liters – and far more, if you let your right foot be a little determined.

But you can not care about that. If you buy this car, you are less concerned with liters per mile – and more concerned with smiles per mile.

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Does not give up so easily

Comfort, space and accessibility are some of the things the Range Rover Sport is well known for. There are few cars that give you more “King on the road” feeling.

It has air suspension and one of the most advanced four-wheel drive systems on the market. It does not stop here until the terrain really starts to get rough.

It can also pull a solid 3.5 tons on the towbar, without the raw-strong V8 having to wear its mind off, for that reason.

Impressed tester: – Shall we take a quick trip to Kirkenes?

The second generation Range Rover Sport is still a stately car, although it will soon be phased out.

The second generation Range Rover Sport is still a stately car, although it will soon be phased out.


Now you’re just waiting for us to saber the car down, in terms of reliability. The predecessor could be an ever so small nightmare in that area.

It’s not that bad with the second generation. But still a lot to watch out for. So feel free to get a thorough check of the car, if you are not qualified to do it yourself.

Large and heavy premium SUVs cost – and with the Range Rover, both hourly and sharing prices are high.

Read our test of this generation Range Rover Sport here

Inside, the tooth of time is felt better than on the outside.

Inside, the tooth of time is felt better than on the outside.


This particular car is sold with a six-month used car warranty. Feel free to check what it entails.

In any case, it is not wise to blow up the bank to be able to afford to buy this car. Have a little in reserve, so you do not become personally bankrupt by owning it.

PS: Did you know that by the way, the Range Rover Sport later became available with an even sharper V8 version: the SVR has 550 horsepower. But it will be a story another time …

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Maybe you did not know you wanted this Range Rover?

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