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Bullying prompted Jenny, 20, to begin cosmetic surgery

– I was very bullied when I was little. In kindergarten, they pointed out that I had a very flat nose, and on the first day of school I did not dare to show up because I thought everyone should look at my nose, says the TikTok phenomenon, Jenny Huse (20), to Good morning Norway.

Several years of bullying led to Jenny becoming insecure about herself. She felt that she looked “wrong” and that everyone was staring at her because of the “flat” nose.

– I really felt that my difference was not accepted here. There were some parties I did not get into during high school because I was “she with the nose”. I feel very ashamed of my own appearance.

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Operated the day after the 18th birthday

Jenny had booked an appointment at a clinic a few days before her 18th birthday, but things did not go exactly according to plan. Among other things, she had to travel all alone and her mother had canceled the class. The clinic then contacted again, and Jenny was able to book a new appointment.

– I had planned to go the day before I turned 18, because it was winter vacation and I would not get absence due to the absence limit. I fixed the appointment again after the cancellation and when I got home, I got shut up.

Jenny’s parents were both abroad and therefore could not show up.

– Mom had been to India and Dad was in the US, so none of them had time to join.

After the nose operation, she later traveled again to Turkey to have a buttock augmentation operation – and fillers in her lips and chin. She is happy with the results.

TRAVEL ALONE: Jenny felt lonely and alone. when she traveled to Turkey as an 18-year-old. Photo: Good morning Norway

– I am very happy with my appearance, but then I think so aesthetically that you can always fix things. That is what is dangerous about plastic surgery, you end up forgetting what you looked like yourself, since you have taken so much.

Would not have operated on Jenny

In Norway, as in Turkey, the age limit is 18 years for surgery. Plastic surgeon at Cosmo Clinic, Tormod Westvik, says that they operate with a 20-year age limit. He had not had Jenny operate on him.

– A consultation basically takes an hour, it is important to weed out why one should take plastic surgery. Not getting into a party is not a good enough reason to want to change your appearance, he points out.

If the patient does not have a good enough basis for why they want to have a cosmetic procedure, Tormod will not perform the operation. Even if they have the money ready.

– I am not trying to sell an operation, I am trying to help a patient with a problem that I have enough professional knowledge to do better. Money is not a motivator, states the plastic surgeon.

ETHICAL: Tormod Westvik follows strict ethical rules that all doctors must follow.  Photo: Good morning Norway

ETHICAL: Tormod Westvik follows strict ethical rules that all doctors must follow. Photo: Good morning Norway

Tormod does not feel that his profession helps to normalize an unattainable ideal of beauty.

– We are subject to very strict ethical rules, both the medical association’s ethical rules and our own rules for practicing cosmetic surgery. We are not allowed to engage in active marketing, nor are we allowed to use “before or after images”. We are strictly regulated.

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