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The United players slammed the referee – then they ran out of the FA Cup after penalty drama

(Manchester United – Middlesbrough 1-1 after extra time, 7-8 after penalties) Manchester United were eliminated from the FA Cup after a wild penalty shootout against Middlesbrough from the division below. At the same time, Middlesbrough’s equalization in ordinary time became a talking point.

COMFORT: The FA Cup match between Manchester United and Middlesbrough went to penalties, where hit and hit the players from both teams. In the end, it all fell to Anthony Elanga, who burned his penalty.

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After 1-1 at regular time and neither team found their way to the net in the extra innings, the fourth round match of the FA Cup went to penalties.

There, both teams kept up with scoring after scoring, before in penalty number 16 stood and fell on 19-year-old Anthony Elanga. And the Swede blew the ball high over.

Thus, Manchester United is out of this year’s FA Cup.

But not only was the drama that ultimately decided the match, it was also high temperature along the way.

– It is quite incredible that the goal is allowed to stand, when you have video judges sitting and watching, commented Kasper Wikestad on Viasat’s broadcast.

At that time, the Championship team Middlesbrough had just equalized with Matt Crooks, but the assist from Duncan Watmore created a furore.

Because as Watmore took the ball down, it popped up in the hand of the 27-year-old. The United players shouted at their hands, but the referee did not want any of that.

The Reds raged and protested, but to no avail. The replay of the hand rolled across the screen, time and time again, but the goal was left standing.

– The rule is as simple as that it is a new player who scores, and not Watmore, so then it is not considered a punishable hand, Pål André Helland stated in Viasat’s studio.

Thus, the match went to extra innings. There, neither team managed to find their way to the net masks, and the cup thriller went to penalties where United lost.

But United could decide the match in regular time.

With Pogba back for the first time since November 2, United created dozens of great chances. And the said Frenchman provided an “free chance” early in the match, when he was tackled by a Boro defender within 16 meters.

For the referee blew for the penalty and Cristiano Ronaldo set the course for the chalk mark. Tensions at Old Trafford rose as Ronaldo approached, but the goal thief sent the ball aside for goal, for the first time since 2006.

At the time, Sancho was only 6 years old. Now he is 21 and goal scorer.

After 25 minutes of play, the youngster found his way to the net. Middlesbrough’s backfielder was so out of place that Sancho got plenty of room, and out on the flank, Ronaldo sent the ball hard into the box. Thus, it was 1-0 at the break.

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