Wednesday, May 18

The infection report does not appear in your corona passport

In more than 300 municipalities, you can register that you are infected with corona. But do not think that it appears in your corona certificate on

If you test positive with a quick test now, the authorities encourage you to register the infection yourself on the municipality’s website.

In mid-January, the system for infection detection was changed. The municipalities were to provide local, digital infection tracking systems.

There you can even go in and register as infected. With BankID, you can register answers for yourself and your own children in the various systems. You can also register close contacts and check if these have known risk factors.

More than 300 municipalities have now put in place a digital solution.

The Norwegian Directorate of Health came up with the change because they have not had time to create a national self-registration system. And because the PCR testing was under pressure. New rules were introduced, now confirmatory PCR was only needed for a few groups. A positive self-test in a fully vaccinated person is considered a safe positive case.

But why is there nothing in your profile at after this registration?

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