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Oftebro trained alone: ​​- Everything fell apart

ZANGJIAKOU / OSLO (VG) Jarl-Magnus Riiber is infected. The teammates are close contacts. It was a lonely Jens Lurås Oftebro who wandered alone around the Olympic tracks.

TRIO OF CLOSE CONTACTS: Espen Andersen, Espen Dalhaug Bjørnstad and Jørgen Nyland Graabak had to train in a separate course for close contacts.

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– It has not been so much fun. I had hoped that the Olympics would be something different than this. It will be a shock to get this in my first Olympics, says Jens Lurås Oftebro to VG.

On Thursday, his teammate and one of Norway’s biggest gold hopes, Jarl-Magnus Riiber, tested positive for the coronavirus. The dream they have all been working towards, the Winter Olympics, suddenly feels insecure.

– It creates unrest. We must be careful with infection control in the future, says Oftebro.

He was out training alone on Friday. The other teammates are defined as close contacts and had to train on a separate track.

– Even though I am not close contact, I am alone. So I feel a little isolated from the others, says Oftebro.

– We lived in the belief that Jarl had a false positive test. But when the other positive came, I felt that everything fell apart a little. It was no fun there. Then I took a workout to get some thoughts out, he adds.

He reminds that the incubation time for corona differs from person to person. The cross-country national team’s doctor Øystein Andersen said that it could vary from 2–10 days when the infection ravaged their team.

– We fear the worst, but feel safer and more secure, says Oftebro about the tension around the others on the team is also infected.

Estonian Kristjan Ilves, who coaches with the Norwegian team, was the first to test positive. Then it was Riiber who received the discouraging message. Oftebro has been in contact with his comrades in isolation.

– It is not nice for any of us, he says and promises to fight for the isolated teammates.

– We will give what we can. We will stand strong and show that is a good crew even without Jarl.

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