Tuesday, May 24

Minister of Sports after doping revelation: Needs sharpening – News (Ekot)

Testimonials from elite athletes is, for example, about doping controllers, mainly abroad, leaving the athlete unattended during the test in a way that enables cheating.

– First of all, I get upset. I believe that anti-doping work is central to a pure sport and confidence in the sport, says Minister of Sports Anders Ygeman.

Will you act in any way due to the shortcomings that have been revealed?

– Yes, I will of course act to tighten the international regulations, and that we ensure that it is complied with and that we strengthen Wada as the international anti-doping organization, he says.

Today, the responsibility is shared for doping controls between a wide range of different organizations, from for example individual countries and sports federations.

It may be worth reviewing whether more of that responsibility should be transferred to independent, international organizations, according to Minister of Sports Anders Ygeman.

– Given your revelation, it is of course a reasonable first thought, the more uniformity you can achieve and the fairer the rules of the game the better, he says.

It could be worth it, even if it would mean that the government needs to invest more money, according to Anders Ygeman. He also points out that the International Olympic Committee could also invest more.

In China, on the eve of the Olympic Games, biathlon star Sebastian Samuelsson has also reacted to the review:

– I can only state that I have also been involved in incidents where I think that doping controls have not been performed correctly, and there are a number of times when you feel that today it would have been quite easy to cheat, and it is very sad when it happens.

What do you think about it then?

– No, I think it is a big shortcoming we have in the anti-doping work and it is very important that we overcome those problems. Because it is clear that if the checks are performed poorly, it will be easy to cheat, says Sebastian Samuelsson.


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