Wednesday, May 18

Gjerdrum residents notify the municipality of compensation claims

The landslide at the end of 2020 cost ten people their lives, and many houses were lost.

Lawyer Geir Lippestad notifies compensation claim against the municipality on behalf of homeowners in the condominium Nystulia 3, writes Dagbladet.

– There are many who have had major financial losses, and many have become mentally disabled as a pure consequence of what they have experienced, says Lippestad.

He emphasizes that there is a difference between a claim for damages and a claim for damages, and that he hopes that it will not be necessary to bring an action.

– During this and next week, we will contact the municipality and get an overview of the insurance company they use and start a case processing, says Lippestad.

On Wednesday, it became known that Gjerdrum municipality has been charged by the police after the quick clay landslide. The police believe that the municipality has not followed up on warnings well enough in advance of the landslide.


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