Wednesday, May 18

A: No automaticity in supporting the government’s court reversal

SV will not necessarily give a thumbs up to the government’s reversal of judicial reform, and the party wants to look at other solutions.

Andreas Sjalg Unneland (SV) says that there is no automaticity in SV supporting the government’s proposal to reverse the judicial reform.

SV was critical of the previous government’s judicial reform, in which the number of district courts was reduced from 60 to 23.

– It is nevertheless not automatic that SV will give the government a majority for their models for change, says SV’s justice policy spokesman Andreas Sjalg Unneland to NRK.

Unneland says that the party wants to strengthen the smaller district courts, but that they want to find other solutions than just reopening them.

Minister of Justice Emilie Enger Mehl (Sp) believes that SV concludes too early in the case.

– This case has not been decided by me. We will take the consultation round seriously and make good assessments accordingly. And then we get back to what our final proposal will be. What SV wants to signal now, it must be at their own expense, says the Minister of Justice.

A reversal of the Solberg government’s court centralization was high on the agenda when the Center Party entered into government negotiations with the Labor Party last autumn.

In a proposal that was put out for consultation last week, the government called for a complete reversal of the previous government’s reform. The consultation deadline is set for 26 April.

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