Wednesday, May 18

The alphabet almost doubled the annual result

Alphabet’s profit ended up at 20.6 billion dollars, about 182 billion kroner, in the last quarter of last year. Quarterly sales rose 32 percent to $ 75 billion, equivalent to $ 664 billion.

For 2021 as a whole, Alphabet made a profit of 76 billion dollars, about 672.5 billion kroner. This is almost a doubling compared to the annual result for 2020, when Alphabet made a profit of 40 billion dollars, or around 354 billion kroner. Turnover increased 41 percent from 2020 to 2021.

The pandemic has worked wonders for the group in that the scope of online shopping, home office and digital education has skyrocketed, which has also benefited other technology giants such as Amazon and Facebook.

For Alphabet, the lucrative holiday season associated with Christmas was a major driving force in the last quarter, and revenues rose from both advertising and cloud storage services.

Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai points to strong growth in the advertising sector. He also set a sales record in the last quarter for the Pixel phones, and he says that the cloud storage business continues to grow strongly.

Alphabet’s strong result on Tuesday was presented a few days after Apple last week was able to point to record sales.


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