Thursday, May 19

Venstre and Rødt in an unusual alliance: – Now there is a crisis in the Oslo school

The Liberal Party and the Red Party believe that the city council’s plan for building and rehabilitating the city’s schools is too poor. Now they are asking the city council to adopt 29 additional measures.

Rødt’s Eivor Evenrud and the Liberal Party’s Hallstein Bjercke join forces to get Sagene School into the plan of which schools will be rehabilitated. It is one of 29 changes the two parties will make to the city council’s school needs plan.

– This is the first time the Red and Left have found compromises in major issues like this. But now it is absolutely necessary to do so, because there is a crisis in Skole-Oslo, says Oslo Venstre’s group leader Hallstein Bjercke.

– We are now in a situation where parents at many schools come and ask if they can please get barracks instead of expecting to get a new proper school or get rehabilitation. It is actually meant to be an emergency solution, points out Oslo Rødt’s group leader Eivor Evenrud.

On Wednesday, the culture and education committee in the city council will consider the city council’s school needs plan. The two parties, which are usually far apart politically, have now merged. They think the plan is too bad and put forward 29 amendments. Before Christmas, the Conservatives also presented an alternative school needs plan with several similar proposals.

At the bottom of the case, you can search for the plans for your school.

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