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To cancel the exam this year will be to do us students a disservice

  • Vivianne Bach (16)

    2nd Deputy Chairman, Aker Unge Høyre

Vivianné Bach is 16 years old and 2nd deputy leader of Aker Unge Høyre.

Nose factor is a risk. Exams can be a way to show the truth.

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In a Si; D post, Silje Larsen Otterdal (18) writes that «the exam grade crushes the opportunity to get into the dream study».

Here I mean it can go both ways. Yes, you can have a teacher who gives you the grade you deserve. On the other hand, you may have a teacher who dislikes you and gives you a worse grade.

The exam grade can be a way to present the truth.

Nose factor is a risk

Everyone has probably had the teacher who gives you a lower grade than you deserve.

I am worried about the students who are assessed with a nose factor, those who are going on an exchange, former cohorts, exchange students and for the 03 and 04 cohorts who may miss an important lesson for further studies and upper secondary school.

The exam is the one opportunity each student has to be assessed by an external examiner. An assessment that does not come at the expense of chemistry with the teacher.

Exams should be completed

I did not get an exam last year. Then I went to 10th grade. Now I will most likely have an exam in high school, if the corona, restrictions and homeschooling do not last longer than three years.

To cancel the exam this year will be to do us students a disservice.

In any case, you will attend an exam later in the education. Students who have had exams feel more prepared than the corona litters who have not.

I fully understand that the exam has previously been canceled. But now the best solution is to adapt the exam to the corona school we students have gone through.

For those students who are assessed with a nose factor, an exam can be the salvation – just to get into the dream study.

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