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They share the fate of the corona with the Norwegian cross-country skiers

It is not only Norwegian Olympic athletes who can have the Olympics destroyed by the corona. There are not a few winter sports stars who have to watch the Olympics on TV after being infected with corona.

PUT OUT OF GAMES: Simen Hegstad Krüger (center) was one of Norway’s gold cards in the Olympics. Now he is infected with corona, as are Marita Kramer (left), Heidi Weng (right), Teresa Stadlober (bottom right) and Mikhail Koljada (bottom left).

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Cross-country skiers Simen Hegstad Krüger, Heidi Weng, Anne Kjersti Kalvå and coach Arild Monsen shares fate with many. Although it is uncertain whether the Norwegian runners will get anything from the championship, the Olympics are over before it has started for others.

We have been browsing international media and taken a count a few days before the Olympics start on Wednesday.

On Sunday, it was confirmed that the women’s world cup leader in jumping, Marita Kramer, has tested positive. The Austrian thus misses the first Olympic exercises.

Austria has had its corona problems. Theresa Stadlober (cross-country skiing), Catherine Gallhuber (alpine) and Katrin Beierl (bobsled) did not get on the plane to China on Friday due to the CT values ​​in the last tests after being infected. The latter is now in place in China, while Stadlober arrives on Wednesday. Gallhuber is still waiting in his home country.

RIVAL: Teresa Stadlober (right) has challenged the Norwegian cross-country women many times.

Zan Kosir, a snowboarder from Slovenia, tested positive for corona after landing in Beijing. The second test was also positive for the Slovenian flag bearer. He shares the fate of his countryman Darko Centrih (snowboard). He also tested positive after arrival.

The Russian figure skater Mikhail Koljada tested positive just before going to pre camp before the Olympics. The 26-year-old won Olympic bronze four years ago, but will now probably be replaced in the squad.

The Russians Alexei Pushkarev and Vasily Kondratenko (bobsled) was isolated after positive corona tests during training camp in Sochi, but will now be in place in Beijing. Nikita Tregubov (skeleton) has a silver medal from the Olympics in Pyeongchang. He was infected at the same training camp and is not on the athlete list now.

Five people belonging to Canada’s Olympic team have trouble meeting the infection requirements, but the Canadian Olympic Committee will not go out by name until an athlete himself chooses to go out with the information.

Josh Williamson (bobsled) tested positive on corona on Sunday and did not get on the plane from the USA to Beijing.

Alina Mueller and Blue Leemann was also not on the plane when Switzerland’s ice hockey women went to China.

The Danish national ice hockey teams reported eight corona infections on their men’s and women’s teams on Monday last week. Some of these players can reach the Olympics. On arrival in Beijing tested Lilli Friis-Hansen and Kristine Melberg positive. Both are isolated.

It definitely does not Sara Grahn. The goalkeeper on Sweden’s national ice hockey team must stay home after being infected with corona.

The Swedish cross-country skier Leo Johansson tested positive last Thursday. Johansson was infected with corona earlier in January, and on Monday the message came that he had tested himself out of quarantine.

– I’m so happy, he says to TT, according to Aftonbladet.

FREEDOM: Johansson experienced the nightmare when he tested positive. Now the cross-country hope is out of quarantine.

Slovenias Eva Urevc (cross-country skiing) tested positive a week and a half ago and has had to leave for China.

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Zuzanna Fujak (cross-country skiing) must stay at home in Poland after testing positive. Polish Natalia Maliszewska (short track race) is isolated in Beijing with positive test. In total, the Polish Olympic delegation has eight infected, among them are the skaters Natalia Czerwonka, Magdalena Czyszczon and Marek Kania.

Iran’s flag bearer at the Olympics, Seyed Satter Seyd, do not come to China. The cross-country skier’s positive coronate test was announced on Sunday.

The jumpers Johan André Forfang and Daniel Andre Tande have postponed their trip to Beijing because of the CT values ​​in their samples after both tested positive for corona last week. On Tuesday, teammates arrived at the airport in Beijing:

SHOE FOOTBALL: Halvor Egner Granerud tests the shooting foot.

The President of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC), Andrew Parsons, misses the Olympics after being infected by covid.

Riho Roosipold, cross-country coach for Estonia, is in quarantine after he tested positive on arrival in Beijing on Thursday.

Sports Development Manager in the Swedish Olympic Committee, Johan Flodin, also came to China, but on arrival he tested positive.

Australia’s first curling team in history got corona trouble on arrival china but is now out of isolation.

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