Wednesday, May 18

The TV profile experienced the nightmare during the broadcast: – I had to rush out

Former national team coach Trond Nystad is brand new as a commentator. However, Asbjørn Myhre (42) has experienced most things behind the microphone, even in completely wild situations.

Asbjørn Myhre (left) and Trond Nystad will comment on cross-country skiing and combined for Discovery and on TV Norway during the Olympics in China. They have to do that from Nydalen in Oslo.

– Eric Heiden, the biggest thing that has happened to ice since Scotch whiskey, quotes Asbjørn Myhre.

NRK legend Bjørge Lillelien’s quote from the Olympics in 1980 creates laughter in the office premises in Nydalen. It is such commentator moments that live on in the Norwegian people over 40 years later. Now Myhre and former national team coach Trond Nystad (51) are following in the radio legend’s footsteps.

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