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The sports president about his alcohol investment: – Not problematic

Sports President Berit Kjøll has invested in a Norwegian company that produces gin and whiskey. Although the Norwegian Sports Confederation has a restrictive attitude to alcohol, she believes it is unproblematic.

READY FOR THE OLYMPICS: Sports President Berit Kjøll is on her way to travel to the Olympics in Beijing (February 4-20). The picture is from the Sports Council in October four months ago.

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– The investment in a legal Norwegian company subject to Norwegian laws and jurisdiction is in my opinion not problematic in relation to my position of trust, she writes in an e-mail in response to the following written questions from VG:

“You described handball player and national team captain O’Sullivan’s investment in gaming companies as unmusical. How would you describe your investment in Feddie Distillery AS? »

A couple of days ago stated sports president Berit Kjøll in a case concerning the handball national team’s Christian O’Sullivan’s ownership interest in the gaming company Coolbet.

– It is not illegal to invest in shares in such companies, but that athletes make investments in international gaming companies that do not respect the Norwegian exclusive rights model, appears to be unmusical, said the sports president.

Last Saturday, Christian O’Sullivan announced that he would sell his shareholding in the gaming company, with this reasoning: – In light of the Norwegian gaming system, I have realized that it may be inappropriate to have shares in a foreign betting company.

The Norwegian Sports Confederation supports the Norwegian exclusive rights model, which gives Norsk Tipping the exclusive right to gamble. Part of the profit of Norsk Tipping finances Norwegian sports.

Berit Kjøll’s “unmusical” statement created reactions on social media. The ice hockey national team’s World Cup veteran Alexander Bonsaksen published his on Twitter, with the hashtag #umusikalsk and a screenshot showing that Berit Kjøll has 25,000 shares in the company Feddie Distillery AS. With address Fedje in Vestland county, the company manufactures according to the website the spirits gin and whiskey.

– I think it is not unmusical of O’Sullivan to invest in a betting company. He breaks no rules. He can spend his money on whatever he wants, and I have nothing to do with what she invests in. But I find it unmusical that she speaks in such a harsh way and tries to put him in a bad light, elaborates Alexander Bonsaksen (35 ).

– He does not receive a pension in Norway, he works (plays) in Germany. Should the sports president decide how an athlete invests his money to secure himself financially after his career ?, adds the captain of the Finnish top league team KooKoo.

NOT IMPRESSED: Alexander Bonsaksen.

Berit Kjøll (66) confirms that she has a shareholding in the Norwegian liquor company.

– Yes, I went in with a small share to show my support for female ownership and business development at Fedje about a year and a half ago, she writes.

She says that her investment in the limited company was the smallest possible item of 50,000 kroner. Berit Kjøll justifies the investment with the fact that all of the company’s 300 investors are mostly women, and that it has significant potential for growth and expansion to companies in other industries.

The first half of a point in NIF’s decision on sport’s attitude to alcohol reads as follows: “Sport shall have a restrictive attitude to cooperation agreements with companies that have a significant part of their business related to the sale of alcoholic beverages / products.”

– Do you think a shareholding in this company is contrary to NIF’s restrictive attitude to alcohol?

– Feddie is a legal entrepreneurial company in Norway, subject to Norwegian laws and regulations. I therefore do not see that such an investment should be problematic, Berit Kjøll repeats.

– My position related to serving alcohol at sports events with children and young people present has of course not changed for that reason, she adds.

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Berit Kjøll wants to answer questions related to the investment via e-mail because she in connection with the imminent departure to the Olympics in Beijing has very many tasks that require her time and attention.

She states that her shareholding in Feddie Distillery AS is unchanged. Kjøll has, however, chosen not to join further in a currently planned issue.

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