Tuesday, May 24

Mirror-shiny roads in Eastern Norway: – Drive carefully!

Police warn of very slippery roads and ask motorists to drive carefully.

In the Eastern police district alone, which covers Østfold, Follo and Romerike, there are now 12 ongoing incidents.

– New messages come in all the time, says operations manager Svein Walle.

There have been most incidents on E6. The police work hard to handle all inquiries.

– We encourage you to leave the car. But if you have to drive, then you have to drive like people, says Walle.

On Twitter, the police have reported the following incidents:

  • On the E6, the Nordby tunnel between Ås and Frogn is closed in a southerly direction after a serious accident. Three cars have collided inside the tunnel.
  • A trailer has cut on the E6 in a southerly direction at the Nøstvet tunnel. Several cars have run out.
  • Two cars have been involved in an accident on the E6 at Kløfta. Not sure if there is any personal injury. The emergency services are on their way. There are major traffic challenges in the area and it is reported that it is very slippery.
  • Traffic accident on the E6 southbound just before the Arteid bridge on Kløfta. The car is in the left field, towards the center divider. The traffic is in the right lane.


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