Thursday, May 26

Media: Greenwood is also suspected of death threats

It reports British media, among them Sky Sports and BBC.

Greenwood was arrested by Manchester police on Sunday after a woman accused him of violence and rape. On Tuesday, it became clear that the police also suspect him of sexual assault and death threats. It is not known if it is against the same woman.

Manchester police write in a press release that after the interrogations in recent days, they have chosen to extend the charge.

“He continues to be questioned after we have received an extension until tomorrow (Wednesday). As a result of interrogations so far, he has been further charged with suspicion of sexual assault and death threats “, the police say according to the magazine The Athletic.

Greenwood has not yet commented publicly on the charges against him.

It was in the morning hours on Sunday that the woman posted photos and a video on social media, where she accused him of beating and injuring her. Greenwood’s club, Manchester United, was out early and said they would look into the matter. A little later it became clear that the club is suspending Greenwood from training and matches “until further notice”.

Greenwood has in recent days been questioned by the police, who have now chosen to extend the charge.

On Monday, it also became clear that the equipment giant Nike is suspending its agreement with the 20-year-old.


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