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Is highlighted by international media: – I feel very little of the pressure

The world’s leading cycling magazine (Pro Cycling), the world’s largest cycling website (CyclingNews), the world’s perhaps most renowned cycling blogger (Inner ring), to name a few, all have a place for Halland Johannessen on their lists of the greatest talents to watch out for over the years. is coming.

The Drøbak cyclist attracted attention by winning the U23 edition of the Tour de France last year, his first season as a road cyclist, and this year becoming a professional with the Uno-X team.

Bystrøm detaches himself from Kristoff work: – He must think more about himself

– I do not feel so much about it. Anders (my twin brother) and I have always only cycled to have fun, and no matter which ride we participate in, it is with a desire to have fun. And the most fun is of course winning races. That’s when I enjoy myself the most! But I feel very little about any pressure, and it has a lot to do with the team. We are a group on a trip that is fun, so I do not know much about it, he said to TV 2 from the team’s training camp in Altea, Spain, earlier in January.

Watch a report from the velodrome in Sola and from the training camp in Spain in the video window at the top of the case

– It’s completely sick to see

On Sunday, Halland Johannessen completed his first race as a thoroughbred professional in the French one-day race GP La Marseillaise.

The 22-year-old tried a couple of times in the last hill, crossed the finish line with the first group (27th place) and came from the “professional debut” with the credit intact.

He has committed to Uno-X until the 2024 season, despite the fact that many of the world’s biggest teams came on the field and announced their interest in both him and his twin brother Anders last summer.

Fixed private plane for Klæbo: – Do not see it as controversial

– I hope it is seen as a vote of confidence in Uno-X that we choose them instead. It is possible to be insanely good in Norway, the twins said then.

Half a year later, they are confident in the election.

– I think it is the best team we have had, with reinforcements from Norway and Denmark and some new people in. You no longer show up to go on TV break. You line up to win. And we are ready for that, says Tobias.

– The team has been invited to Paris-Roubaix, Liège-Bastogne-Liège, Volta a Catalunya et cetera. How will it be?

– It is completely sick to see that what started as a Continental team (level three) a few years ago will now cycle Paris-Roubaix and week-long stage races at WorldTour level. It has gone fast, but I think both the team and myself are ready to drive a little rougher rides. I’m just looking forward to seeing how it goes, he says.

– I have never been better prepared

For Halland Johannessen, this year’s season will partly consist of “testing” different types of races to find out what he is good at and less good at – something his probable participation in some of the cobblestone races in Belgium is a good picture of.

Bernal about the accident: – I had a 95 percent risk of becoming paralyzed

– I really want to compete in a lot of races, and all races become in a way a new acquaintance. I have ridden few of these races before. I am always so offensive that I also want to do well, and that the whole team does well, so I am gira, he says.

He has not set a specific goal for the season, but there is at least little to delay in the preparations for the 2022 season.

– I’ve had a very nice winter, really. The training has gone with good flow all the way. I’ve never been better prepared for a season than I do now, so it bodes well.

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