Thursday, May 19

FRP demands an investigation of Støre’s omikron handling

The Corona Commission will not investigate the Støre government’s handling of the pandemic. The FRP wants to do something about it.

Minister of Health Ingvild Kjerkol and Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre.

The Corona Commission saw Erna Solberg’s government in the cards throughout the pandemic.

But Jonas Gahr Støre’s government does not currently have the handling of omikron investigated. The Commission does not have time. They will submit their report in April.

The Progress Party will do something about it. They are now putting forward a proposal in the Storting that Støre’s period also be followed.

– It is obvious that this must be investigated, says FRP’s health policy spokesman Bård Hoksrud.

The debate about measures has intensified recently. When omikron arrived, virtually all adults were fully vaccinated. Nevertheless, strict measures were taken. Pouring stop. Quarantine. Red level in schools. The business community has bled money.

FRP’s health policy spokesman Bård Hoksrud requests that the Korona Commission also investigate Jonas Gahr Støre’s government.

– Measures should not be taken lightly. It goes hard on both people and industry, he says.

– Of course, it is not easy to handle a pandemic, but the decisions that are made have major consequences, says Hoksrud.

In particular, bar drinking and red levels in upper secondary schools created debate. The latter was not substantiated in professional advice from either the National Institute of Public Health or the Norwegian Directorate of Health.

In addition, omikron has done far less damage than first feared. Therefore, the health authorities already said last week that it was time to let go of measures.

– Støre himself has said that the measures will not last a day longer than necessary. Nevertheless, there are many indications that they have been quick to implement the measures, while taking their time on the reliefs. The measures must be proportional, says Hoksrud.

The commission should investigate the period from October until the pandemic is over, Frp believes.

Tone Wilhelmsen Trøen is a health policy spokesperson for the Conservative Party. She has already demanded clarification from the government whether they will appoint a new commission.

The Government is concerned that the overall handling of the pandemic should be evaluated so that we can be better equipped and have more knowledge in the face of pandemics in the future. We will come back to how this will happen, Støre has told Aftenposten.

The first commission was headed by Stener Kvinnsland. They submitted their report in April last year. Shortly afterwards, a new commission was appointed, led by Egil Matsen. They scrutinize the period up to 31 October.

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