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Fitness center manager smiles after the relief: – Super happy

The gyms have had a number limit and contact ban since December, but now they can open their doors to more people.

Center manager at Sats in Akersgata, Therese Ellingsdalen, is looking forward to getting more people into training.


At the Sats fitness center in Akersgata, center manager Therese Ellingsdalen has just received the message.

Organized sports and leisure activities can now take place as normal both indoors and outdoors for all age groups, with contact where necessary.

It makes Ellingsdalen smile.

– We are super happy about it. Now we get more people into training, and we avoid long waiting lists, she says.

The waiting lists at most Sats centers have been considerably longer than the capacity under the strict restrictions, she says.

– Now we look forward to seeing how the members take it, but we are ready to welcome everyone back. We know that it has been long-awaited, so there are probably many who are happy now, says Ellingsdalen.

Center manager at Sats in Akersgata, Therese Ellingsdalen, is looking forward to seeing how the members take the new reliefs.

The center manager says they were happy to have group lessons indoors from January, but that the number limit of 20 has still prevented some.

– These group lessons are important for motivation and learning from the instructors. And not least the social part, as long as people have still been in the home office. We also have public health, says Ellingsdalen.

With them, they have had room for 24 in a group lesson, which can be kept two meters away, but had to limit itself to 20.

– I think it has been a bit incomprehensible, when you know how important it is for so many.

No major relief in January

The recommendation from 13 January this year was that it was limited to a maximum of 20 people and 1 meter distance, but now it could be indoors. During intensive training, it should be arranged for a distance of 2 meters.

Tuesday’s reliefs are in line with that recommended by the health authorities prior.

“The gyms should get the same advice as the volunteer. This presupposes sound professional management of infection control both at gyms, in sports and at other relevant leisure activities “, the Norwegian Directorate of Health wrote in its recommendation.

FHI recommended keeping a distance of 2 meters during high-intensity training, but the Norwegian Directorate of Health thought this was unfortunate.

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Announced that the membership was back

The fitness centers have been affected by infection control measures during the pandemic, and at times have also been completely closed. In the Oslo area, the doors were unlocked again in May, after they had been closed since November.

This autumn, Evo, Sats and Naardic announced increased activity at their centers after the summer and the reopening of the community. Batch chief Sondre Gravir then said that the activity was back to “the level before the corona”.

In the quarterly report for the third quarter that the membership was back in full force. The chain’s operating profit ended at 74 million in the quarter, up from 69 million at the same time last year.


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