Wednesday, May 18

Conservative politicians demanded a diet from the Storting to be in their hometown

Conservative parliamentary representative Aleksander Stokkebø demanded diet money from the Storting to spend the night at home and go to meetings down to one kilometer away. Now he wants to pay back.

This is Stavanger city center. Stokkebø lived at the top right. Among other things, he has provided a travel invoice and required a diet to travel from home to the city center, a distance of around one kilometer.

On Friday 2 March 2018, Conservative Storting politician Aleksander Stokkebø was on a small tour of Stavanger city center, where he had meetings with some local companies and the Conservative House. He was back in his apartment at 4 pm. It is one kilometer away.

For the meetings, he delivered a travel bill in which he demanded 289 kroner in diet money from the Storting.

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