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Caddy shock when Hovland won: – It came very suddenly

Viktor Hovland continues to impress. The Norwegian 24-year-old delivered so well when he won in Dubai on Sunday after a dramatic finish.

This led him all the way up to a third place in the world rankings.

One who suddenly got to be part of that experience was Peter Kaensche. The tournament started on Thursday last week. On Tuesday night, Kaensche looked down at her mobile phone and then it was Viktor Hovland who called.

– It came on very abruptly. His usual caddy Shay Knight could not come. Thus, Kristian Krogh Johannessen was asked if he wanted to go, and they were well underway with the preparations. But then they found out that Kristian had too high a category on the European Tour to be a caddy. Then they had to go even further down the reserve list and then of course I said yes to it, Kaensche says to TV 2.

He is back from the somewhat unexpected end of his Dubai trip. Coincidentally, he was already in place there in connection with a training camp with Norges Toppidrettsgymnas, where he works as a coach.

He describes the opportunity he was given as an honor.

– It was incredibly exciting. It was close and he was at the top from early on. But then he was a few strokes behind after the third round before the last day. It took a fantastic Sunday plus some other coincidences for it to go. It was absolutely incredible, says the 40-year-old.

– How were the nerves and excitement when you went there with him?

– I was actually quite calm. But I felt it, are you crazy. But it was good energy. We had a very nice day on the field.

GOOD FRIENDS: Peter Kaensche describes the friendship between him and Viktor Hovland as good. Here from the last and decisive day in Dubai on Sunday. Photo: KARIM SAHIB / AFP.

Furthermore, he says that he and Hovland know each other well from before and have known each other for a long time. They play for the same golf club (Miklagard) and have played a lot of golf together.

However, they have not worked together before. He describes Hovland as a “great guy” and “a good friend”.

– It’s fantastic what he’s doing now. He still impresses. Viktor sets new milestones almost every week. It is big. He is a very good golfer and I would really rather say a very good athlete.

The memories that Kaensche is left with he takes with him further.

– For me, this was a fantastic experience. It was beyond expectation. This is a memory for life. Being with Viktor in a tournament he won was great.

– I reckon this may be tempting to repeat?

– Haha … Shay and Viktor have worked together for a long time and have a very good thing going on. But if he needs help again, I will of course be happy to show up.

It is also normal for the caddy to receive ten percent of the prize money if there is a victory. Hovland won a little over 12 million kroner on the victory in Dubai. This means that ten percent is a little over 1.2 million kroner.

– We do not need to talk about the economy. I had a very nice experience. It’s about finances being between Viktor and me, says Kaensche.

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