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This “secret” store trick can save you a lot of time and frustration

It is not always as easy to find in the grocery store, but one department is more notorious than others. The spice shelf may not be where you stay most often, but once you run out of cinnamon, rosemary or cumin, it can definitely be where you stay the longest.

The spices often look the same, and finding the right glass can often be a time-consuming and frustrating exercise for many. This is what store manager Peer-Oscar Herudsløkken at Rema 1000 on Åråsaen tells us Glomdalen.

– People do not know this

If you recognize yourself in the description above, Herudsløkken can fortunately reassure you:

– There are some who are surprised that they are actually placed according to a system. It has happened that I have told it to some customers and then a light has come on, says the store manager to the newspaper.

It is probably not completely alphabetical, but cardamom, cinnamon, capers and curry should all be entirely possible to find out if you know the trick. Photo: Vebjørn Barlaup

The system he is talking about is often familiar to many – in most store chains, the spices are sorted in alphabetical order. While this seems obvious to many, store employees say that far from all customers know that capers are in the middle between cinnamon and cardamom.

– My impression is that people do not know this. We constantly experience that people stand here for a long time and look for the spice they are looking for, says Martin Strand Bernhus, assistant store manager at Meny Årasen.

There are exceptions

On Meny, the spice layout is alphabetical and streamlined, where it is the store chain’s head office that decides the order.

– It is made for people to find out more easily, and is also an easy thing for us who work here, Strand Bernhus tells Glomdalen.

No rule without exception.  White pepper is placed together with the rest of the pepper.  Photo: Vebjørn Barlaup

No rule without exception. White pepper is placed together with the rest of the pepper. Photo: Vebjørn Barlaup

And if you know the next store visit should still have problems finding the spice variant on the shopping list, it can, according to the assistant store manager, have a natural explanation:

– It may make sense to have certain spices elsewhere. For example, “white pepper” stands together with pepper on the letter “p” and not on the letter “h”, Strand Bernhus concludes.

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