Wednesday, May 18

Teenager created headaches for Elon Musk – was offered $ 5,000

Jack Sweeney, a 19-year-old boy from Florida in the United States, was offered $ 5,000 by Elon Musk. He nicely refused.

The 19-year-old has created a user Twitter where he regularly publishes updates on where Musk’s private plane is located, when and where the plane takes off, as well as the duration of each flight. Musk wants this removed immediately.

The account goes by the name Elon Musk’s Jet, and has as many as 191,000 followers.

Sweeney, who is currently a first-year student at an American college, has long programmed computer programs that can track the travels of high-profile individuals. The teenager has previously created similar headaches for Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos.

According to the media house CNN, Musk has been asking the teenager to close the account since November 30, 2021.

– Can you stop this? It is a security risk, it said in the first message to Sweeney from Musk.

Musk, who is the boss of both Tesla and SpaceX, eventually offered the 19-year-old $ 5,000, hoping he would quit. Then Sweeney replied that he wanted $ 50,000 so he could spend the money on studies or a Tesla Model 3.

– 5000 dollars is not enough in relation to how much I get out of this. It replaces nothing, such as the pleasure factor, says Sweeney.

The teenager, on the other hand, has chosen to give Musk technical advice, and has advised the billionaire about a blocking program that he could use to counteract aircraft tracking.

“It seems that he took that advice, and that he uses a blocking program,” Sweeney told CNN.

The 19-year-old, on the other hand, believes that he is still able to track down Elon Musk’s plane, but that the process has become more complicated.

The last exchange of messages between Musk and Sweeney was on Wednesday 19 January. Then the Tesla boss stated that he thought it was unnecessary to have to pay to have the Twitter account removed.

Sweeney says he has been a fan of SpaceX since the first Falcon Heavy launch in 2018. The father of the 19-year-old works for an airline, which has further aroused Sweeney’s aviation interest.

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