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SV’s desire for a profit ban will now be investigated

According to SV, no private companies should be allowed to make a profit from performing welfare tasks for the public sector. Now the public committee will study zero profit.

SV leader Audun Lysbakken has got the leaders of the Labor Party and the Socialist People’s Party to study “a zero-profit model” for various welfare areas.

In the budget negotiations with the Labor Party and the Socialist People’s Party on this year’s state budget, SV gained support for one of its big issues: to have a ban on profits investigated.

A selection will be set up before March.

Profit is another term for profit or financial gain or gain.

SV leader Audun Lysbakken is looking forward to the report being available. He believes a report will lead to a more orderly debate.

– It will take us a long step further in the discussion. Then it is up to us to take the fight to the proposals from the committee in the years to come, he says.

Discussing the mandate now

Last autumn, SV got the Labor Party and the Socialist People’s Party to sign the following:

«By March 2022, the Storting is asking the government to appoint a public committee to study how commercial operations can be phased out in various tax-financed welfare services, and to present a separate zero-profit model for each such sector.»

The SV leader confirms that SV is now involved in shaping the mandate.

– Yes we are. That was part of the deal. We are in dialogue about it. It is a work we are doing, he says.

Nullprofitt= profittforbud

– What is zero profit?

– We find the best example of zero profit in the legislation in schools, he says and refers to the law on independent schools. It was formerly called the Private Schools Act.

– Here the principle is simply that every penny from the public sector should become the school and go into operation, he says and points out that it is not allowed to make a profit.

According to Lysbakken, a profit ban and zero profit are two terms for the same thing.

– It is a profit ban SV is for. It’s the same principle. But a zero-profit model is even more illustrative of what we are talking about: Not private profit on tax-financed welfare, he says.

He adds that there should also be no profit on the user payment in kindergarten.

Different models will be studied

– There will not be one model, but several. This is because the services are structured differently. In some areas there are tenders and contracts, while in the kindergarten sector, for example, there is a different model, says Lysbakken.

The ban on profits in schools goes further than a ban on taking out dividends.

– Yes. It is not allowed to withdraw financial gain in other ways than dividends either, he says and refers to a number of cases where the education authorities have revealed other attempts to withdraw money.

– Do you want to phase out the use of all private companies that provide services to the public sector?

– No. What matters is what the money goes to. We want a simple principle: Every penny the state and municipality allocates to basic welfare services, should go to it and not to anything else, says the SV leader.

He emphasizes that what SV wants to end is “commercial operation.” He says SV wants to protect smaller and non-profit actors.

Has a Swedish study as a model

Lysbakken highlights a Swedish similar report. It came in 2016 and is called «Order and order in welfare » and is a parallel study to the one he wants.

– Which sectors do you want zero profit in – everything from child welfare and kindergartens to substance abuse care, refugee reception, nursing homes and home services?

– What we said before the election was child welfare, kindergartens and nursing homes. But we want this to be seen more broadly, he says and mentions substance abuse care and labor market measures.

– We must look more closely at the boundaries. We have an open view on how this should be done. I hope we get concrete models and proposals to discuss, he says.

The government has not committed itself

Sp leader Trygve Slagsvold Vedum recently said of the report that “investigating various things is never scary at all.”

Lysbakken says that in the budget settlement there are no obligations on the part of the government to support a profit ban.

– We still have different views. We are against profit, they are more positive, but we agree to do the work, he says about the report.

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