Wednesday, May 18

Prosecutor in the Drevdal case: – We accept the verdict

On Friday, the Borgarting Court of Appeal’s judgment came in the case against Gaute Drevdal.

Drevdal is here sentenced to one year in prison for a rape. At the same time, he is acquitted of eight rape charges.

In the processing of the case in Oslo District Court in 2020, Drevdal was sentenced to 13.5 years in prison for nine rapes, as well as a case of sex with a 15-year-old.

– The prosecuting authority takes note of the Court of Appeal’s judgment. An appeal to the Supreme Court cannot be based on an error in the assessment of evidence under the question of guilt. The verdict is therefore accepted by us, she says.

– When the verdict is final, the convicted person will be summoned to serve the sentence for which he has been convicted, she says.

Drevdal, for his part, has via his defenders announced that he is appealing both the sentencing and the claim for compensation.

Drevdal has been sentenced to pay five of the women NOK 690,000 in compensation.

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