Monday, May 23

Notice of the annual meeting – Thursday 3 March

To have the right to vote, you must be 15 years of age and have had a valid membership for at least one month. It is sufficient that registration in the club has taken place no later than 3 February. Registration can be done here. Membership for 2022 must be paid before the start of the meeting.

The agenda is in accordance with the club’s laws.

Digital participation and infection control:

The annual meeting will be held in the same way as in 2021, where it is possible to participate both physically and digitally. Due to the corona pandemic, it is difficult to say whether there will be restrictions on the number of participants physically, but all that want to participate must register here (tick for physical or digital participation).

It will be possible to make contributions and cast votes both physically and digitally. The deadline for registration for digital participation is Wednesday 2 February at 08:00.

Proposals to be considered at the annual meeting must be sent to the board no later than two weeks before the annual meeting, ie no later than 17 February. Use email address [email protected] to the acting general manager, Therese Andvik Rygg, if you wish to submit a proposal to the annual meeting.

The complete agenda and other necessary case documents, including proposals for the annual meeting, will be made available to the members at no later than one week before the annual meeting.

An invoice for payment of the membership fee is currently sent to all members, by email where this is registered. Feel free to contact us at [email protected] if you have not received an invoice by 6 February.

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