Thursday, May 26

North Korea claims to have tested rockets capable of reaching US Guam

It is a ballistic medium-range missile of the type Hwasong-12, North Korean authorities stated on Monday.

If the claim is true, it is the most comprehensive rocket test in several years. One has to go back to 2017, which was the last time North Korea conducted a missile test with this type.

At the time, some experts believed that the rocket could have enough range to reach Alaska or Hawaii if it was launched into a flatter orbit.

According to analyzes from Japan and South Korea, Sunday’s rocket was fired from an area inland in the northern part of North Korea.

The rocket moved 800 kilometers, with an orbit reaching an altitude of 2,000 kilometers at the highest, and then fell into the Sea of ​​Japan between North Korea and Japan, according to the two neighboring countries.

The North Korean state news agency KCNA has published a picture showing a rocket ladder from a launch pad, and a picture that the country claims was taken from a camera mounted on the rocket, with a view from space over North Korea and surrounding areas.

The news agency AP has decided not to publish the photos because they can not be verified.

North Korea’s missile test on Sunday was the seventh it has conducted in January.

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