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Kristoffersen’s road to the Olympics: – It is extremely tiring

Henrik Kristoffersen is at home in Salzburg and preparing for the Olympics, but before leaving for China he has to go through a violent test regime. It erodes.

INFECTIOUS STRESS: Henrik Kristoffersen talks about an everyday life that is almost unreal for most people with corona tests every other day and an enormous stress level around staying healthy.

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– It is tiresome. It is extremely tiring. And I’m just as insecure every time I take the tests and wait for the result, says Henrik Kristoffersen to VG and describes the nervousness:

– When you are on doping control, you know if you have done something stupid or not, while now you do not have lacing. People are positive without symptoms and feel healthy. The whole thing is chaos. It is a little more than one would expect.

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The technician is one of the biggest favorites to take gold in both downhill and giant slalom during the Beijing Games. Kristoffersen has World Cup gold in giant slalom from Åre 2019, but lacks a championship gold in slalom.

Still, the Olympics are not his biggest focus this season. It is the hunt for the World Cup winners that tempts the most.

– I’m more hungry for more World Cup winners than just that gold in downhill skiing, it’s me. But of course when you come to the Olympics you have to do everything you can to do the best you can. Both in the World Cup and in the Olympics, there are three things that matter: first, second and third place, says the Rælingen runner.

– I get to try to ski as well as possible, and I can not do anything more than that. And then the old jumping coach Mika Kojonkoski said that “normal is good enough”. And I think it’s a bit right for most people, he adds.

But in order to be able to enter China at all and compete in the games, a fierce test regime must be implemented.

CLINKED TO: Henrik Kristoffersen clinched with World Cup gold in giant slalom in 2019. Along the way, his girlfriend, Tonje Barkenes (right), has sacrificed a lot. Now maybe more than ever due to the risk of infection.

– I tested myself yesterday, Saturday, two tests on Thursday, Tuesday, Monday and Friday before there again. There will also be a new test tomorrow and one within 96 hours before departure and one within 72 hours before departure. And then we will surely test ourselves when we land in China and every day in China and, the alpiness says.

And it’s not just him himself that goes beyond. Cohabitant, Tonje Barkenes, has had to drop out of work while Kristoffersen has been at home. His mother also has it when his father has been home and the cohabitant of his coach, Andreas Hjellum Alfredsen.

– We have eaten breakfast in the room every day, and when we eat we have our own rooms we eat in so we do not eat in the dining room. Buffet at the hotel and stuff is completely out of the question. I do not make photos or autographs for anyone, because it is too great a risk. I’m not social in any way, and I do not think I’ve been in the store since before Christmas. It is mostly to go to training, sit in the room and stay around those who are in the support system, he says.

MOUTHBIND ON: Henrik Kristoffersen takes all precautions for the Olympics in Beijing in February. And it has become a habit to see the Rælingen boy with a bandage on almost everywhere he goes.

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