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Is the Peace Prize nomination a trap?

Iranian human rights activist Narges Mohammadi was among the nominees for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2021. For more than ten years, she has fought against the death penalty and discrimination. She has paid for her involvement with several prison sentences, isolation and ill-treatment.

A news article in Aftenposten on Saturday 29 January claims that the nomination of Narges Mohammadi led to her being arrested again in November last year, implying that such politically sensitive nominations could hurt the nominees (cf. Liu Xiaobo’s award ceremony in 2010 ).

Our Amnesty group has been campaigning for Narges Mohammadi for several years. We have close contact with her brother, who reacts spontaneously to the article in Aftenposten. He emphasizes that the nomination only postponed the arrest, as a temporary protection, and that both Mohammadi himself and the family knew that a new arrest had to come.

In no way must those who nominated his sister have a bad conscience and think that they are to blame for the verdict against her, he says. On the contrary: Since the Iranian regime does not shy away from any means of persecuting, imprisoning and killing its opponents, those responsible must be confronted with their abuses.

The one who stays silent agrees!

Grete Ræder Østby, Amnesty Group 48

Learning is more important than exams

Aftenposten writes in a leadership position on 28 January that cancellation of the exam is a declaration of bankruptcy on behalf of the teaching. That’s a weird point of view.

Based on what the students have been through in recent years, we should now concentrate on learning, not testing. The time we have left of the school year should be used for as much teaching as possible and a good position assessment of each individual student, not exam preparations.

The point of view assessment is the basic assessment in all subjects. It is the student in high school who has worked for the last three years, and who shows the breadth of their competence. The students should be allowed to continue to build competence until the end of the school year and give the teachers time to give a good and correct assessment of the students’ point of view.

The aim of the exam may not be to check the lack of competence, but the competence the students actually have. If the Minister of Education and Research is afraid that the pupils have missed out on a lot, she does the pupils a disservice if she chooses to make larger knowledge gaps by prioritizing exams in the time leading up to school.

Sunniva Holmås Eidsvoll, City Councilor in Oslo for upbringing and knowledge (SV)

Closing Viken is an abuse of power

When 70 per cent of those who have taken a stand are against the liquidation of Viken, it is an abuse of power by a narrow majority in the county council, with the Labor Party and the Center Party in front, to go for liquidation.

It grinds when elected representatives are in favor of liquidation in the name of democracy. They know better!

They know that the use of voting rights only determines the distribution of power between parties. This decides the majority blocs, which then decide which political issues are given priority. This is how our indirect democracy works.

It grinds when the consideration of democracy is used as a justification for liquidation when the people do not give a mandate on the case. Voters’ preferences can only come from referendums or from opinion polls.

If everyone is included, 57 per cent are against liquidation when the costs are presented, an increase of 6 per cent from December.

Only 25 percent are for closure, while 18 percent have no form. (Norstat, December 2021 and January 2022).

The Labor Party, the Socialist People’s Party and the Green Party should note that the proportion among their own voters who are opposed is 59 per cent, 61 per cent and 76 per cent among those who have taken a stand, respectively. Also saw abuse of power against own voters.

Decommissioning will be a major climate policy mistake. The larger the field of impact of a climate decision, the greater the effect achieved. It’s really a matter of course. Here, county municipalities trump a resolution to smaller counties, such decisions in the Storting trump county municipalities and decisions in the UN concern us all. It is a mistake when a large majority of the people are against.

The case concerns 13,000 employees and 1.2 million inhabitants in Viken in addition to the country’s 2.9 million taxpayers who can get a bill of 400 million for the mistake.

Jørgen MB Grønneberg, author of “Who can solve the climate crisis?”

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